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What They Are Saying:

“I have been overwhelmed by the encouragement, comfort and guidance I have received as I have walked through the most difficult times in my pastoral ministry.” (Maryland)

“The Fellowship helped connect me to a core group where I have moved nearly 2000 miles to help plant and lead a Family-Integrated Church." (Minnesota)

“Today's Conference Call, like every one that I have been on, was such a blessing. I am inspired to take some important and needed steps of leadership within our body. Thank you for hosting this and for your prayers." California)

“It has been a great to benefit from guest HOFCC preachers - men willing to preach the Word of God. It has been a great blessing to us.” (Oregon)

“Thank you so much for everything. We feel so honored to be part of this fellowship. Really appreciating it a lot.” (Albania)

“To me, this vision seems vital and biblically motivated…and filled with the promise of His presence.” (Oregon)

“It is an honor to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors of this Fellowship of Churches.” (Georgia)

“I didn’t even know what I needed to know about planting a church, only that I HAD to go in this direction. HOFCC provided incredible support, and I have been indeed blessed!” (South Carolina)

“Our church has benefited from specific consultation with board members on matters of eldering, budgeting, dealing with members in need, as well as encouragement in matters related to being consistent with the vision of a Family-Integrated Church." (Oregon)

“Fellowship in a Family-Integrated Church reinforces in my children the things that we value. Having other families model similar lifestyles allows my children to walk with the wise and avoid foolishness.” (Washington)

“When I was in Portland with you, I knew that God was speaking to me about beginning the process of an FIC - probably in this community where we are now. I am more convinced than ever that the FIC is the way to go. I'm going to meet with a couple of other like-minded families and begin praying about this.” (Minnesota)

"Having other godly men who you can talk to and pray with is invaluable! It might seem small, but just to have someone care enough to ask, 'How are you doing?' is a great benefit of affiliation. As an elder/pastor, I am no longer 'a lone ranger.' " (Oregon)

“Our church has already planted one HOFCC and hope to be involved in planting another, or a series of churches in this area.” (Oregon)

“It has been a long challenging 2013 and yet God has been faithful. Our Christmas Day service was also used to reflect on some of the great things God did for us in 2013. What really came out tops was the fact that people were grateful to God for the affiliation with HOFCC Fellowship and all their elders.” (Ghana, West Africa)

“I am amazed at the maturity and grace I see in the kinds of families that the Family-Integrated model attracts. So many of our families have learned how to genuinely hear from God for themselves.” (Washington)

“Our elders have all benefited from the connection with other elders through the HOFCC Conference Calls, the Cannon Beach Retreats, etc. It is refreshing and liberating to not have to bring someone up to speed in order to get their take on something that's happening in the body.” (Oregon)

“We have incorporated the use of the HOFCC Visitor Booklet, the financial forms and other items in the Church-Planter’s Toolbox. That stuff takes time to think through and try out. Thank you!” (Oregon)

“The brotherhood is encouraging and strengthening, but without denominational control.” (Oregon)

“I like the fact that the model is continually being refined, yet it is clear and steady enough to be reproduced confidently. I also value the fact that there are guys learning right along with me; men who are not afraid to admit their need or even to address my weaknesses in Godly exhortation.” (Oregon)

“Thank you so much for everything. We feel so honored to be part of this fellowship. Really appreciating a lot.” (Albania)

“We need to be careful about becoming ingrown in our own congregation. We look forward to periodic checkups from Fellowship elders. I don't know how to get that without membership in some kind of association or fellowship.” (Oregon)

“ ’How can two walk together unless they are agreed?’ (Amos 3:3) I am reminded of what a joy it is to be walking with men and women who are of such similar hearts, minds and vision.” (Washington)

“We are so glad Christ has brought us together through the finished work on the cross; and are grateful that despite the distance, our different cultures, yet Christ has made us one. Thanks be to God for further connection under Household of Faith Churches. Thank you for praying for us, especially for my family, also for grace for us to finish our church building and for church growth through our street evangelism. We also mention you in our prayers always especially at our weekly Friday prayer meetings.” (Ghana, West Africa)

“The continual reformation of church practice and the discipleship of the next generation are crucial. But means of reformation are also essential. I believe the model of a Family-Integrated fellowship, with regular expositional preaching from the Bible, and the intentional equipping of the saints, particularly the fathers, is a visionary message that should be passionately exported.” (Oregon)

“HOFFC is beneficial in that it provides encouragement, inspiration, and practical assistance for blazing the trail back to the ancient paths of discipleship.” (Oregon)

“HOFFC has been invaluable. What a blessing to be a part of a group of elders and churches who are 'peculiar' within the greater Body of Christ. It's wonderful to know there are men of like mind who are leading local churches in the same way and who therefore enjoy both the good fruit and the challenges of a HOF congregation. The elder retreats and meetings have been a great time to encourage and be encouraged toward greater obedience to what God has called us to.” (Oregon)

“It is helpful to be connected to a larger group of churches as a way to establish the 'credentials' of an independent church.” (Oregon)

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