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Introduction to Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches

HOFFC is at the heart of an exciting movement that the Holy Spirit is bringing to the contemporary church as God raises up a host of like-minded family-integrated churches across the land. These churches work from the biblical mandate of helping equip parents to disciple their children. Rather than dividing families at the door, the family engages in the church experience together, as a unit. Pastors / Elders walk alongside parents who have discovered God’s call upon them to make the home the primary place of discipleship for the entire family.

Jesus Christ remains central to our churches. We preach expository messages, maintaining a continuous emphasis upon living out the gospel before our children, the church and the world. Discipleship is not reserved for the church staff, or conducted always through many staff-led programs; rather, there is a complementarian partnership between church and home, both recognizing the home as the primary conduit of the gospel from one generation the next.

HOFFC is an association - a family - of like-minded, evangelical, autonomous family-integrated churches. Since the 90s, HOFFC has grown from one small congregation in Portland, OR, into hundreds of families in various states across the country. Churches and families alike have experienced much joy and fruitfulness in this great adventure of uniting church and home in working toward this gospel-centered vision.

Today fathers, embracing their biblical callings, are growing in their roles as shepherds, theologians and disciplers of their own families. Godly mothers are walking alongside their husbands with a fresh sense of security, joy and purpose. Children are encouraged knowing that their best spiritual mentors are the ones who know them the best.

We invite you to look through our website, learning more about HOFFC Distinctives, our Statement of Faith, and our emphasis on “Doctrine, Devotion and Discipleship.” You can click through our website and find articles and links to other ministries, download MP3s of recent sermons and check out our HOFFC Ministry Events Calendar.

If you are in the area, be sure to plan a visit to any of our congregations, whose locations are listed under the tab: “Fellowship Churches.” And let us know you are coming so we can greet you while you are here. Finally, the Fellowship of Churches exists to serve. As we continue to grow, we maintain our emphasis upon church planting and can often provide aspiring church planters with counsel, tools and partnership in their ministry endeavors. So, if we can serve you, please feel free to contact us at info@hofcc.org.

Thank you again, and God Bless,

Eric Burd
For the Elders and Churches of HOFFC

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