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Vision, Mission and Purpose

Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches (HOFFC) is an association of like-minded, autonomous, evangelical, age-integrated churches. We are bound together with brotherly affection and a mutual love for the person of Jesus Christ.

Today, many well-intentioned churches have unintentionally usurped the role of parents in the discipleship of their children. Likewise, many parents have inadvertently abdicated their discipling role to the church. In the meantime, the unique, God-ordained function that God gave to parents to raise their own children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord has gone largely unperformed.

Alongside hundreds of other age-integrated churches, HOFFC is dedicated to restoring this activity to Christian families and to remind the church of their complementarian role in assisting householders to be proficient in building a gospel legacy within their own households.

So, then, as we consider our Vision, Mission, and Purpose…


HOFCC exists to exalt Christ, disciple multi-generationally, and unite church and home.

HOFFC has a three-fold mission statement that is designed edify the Body of Christ as we fulfill the vision of HOFFC:

  1. > Strengthen and serve HOFFC Elders and their local congregations.
  2. > Plant and assist new HOFCC Churches.
  3. > Promote the Gospel and the family-integrated church message around the world.


Above all else, HOFFC exists to serve. Our vision - to exalt Christ, disciple multi-generationally, and unite church and home - speaks directly to our purpose, which is to assist pastors/elders, Christian leaders, church planters, and householders in fulfilling their biblical mandates.

As you learn more about Household of Faith, you will find that we have many values and distinctives. It won’t take long to discover, however, that they can all be distilled down to more effectively preaching and living the Gospel in our homes, churches and communities. Only the power of God through the truth of the Gospel can bring heart transformation to our families and churches. And the only hope for the world is a growing church with vibrant families whose members are, one by one, being constantly discipled into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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