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~HOFCC Identifies with Gospel Legacy Churches~

In the early 1990s, there emerged from within the Body of Christ a unique model of corporate worship that we know today as the Age-Integrated Church. After two decades of growth we can see age-integrated worship catching on as literally thousands of churches are being planted across the US which reflect this model. Considered by some as “new,” proponents of age-integration point back 2,000 years to what has always been common practice, at least until the past century or so.

Of course, there are different terms that describe varying subsets of the larger Age-Integrated Church Movement. The term that the Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches most closely identifies with is Gospel Legacy Churches. Gospel Legacy Churches tend to be biblically conservative, evangelical in mission and desirous of fellowship with other age-integrated churches that hold orthodox theological views, regardless of differences in polity and practice.

We would encourage you to visit www.gospellegacy.org to learn more about how you and your church can connect with other like-minded Gospel Legacy leaders and congregations.

What They Are Saying:

“I have been overwhelmed by the encouragement, comfort and guidance I have received as I have walked through the most difficult times in my pastoral ministry.” (Maryland)

“The Fellowship helped connect me to a core group where I have moved nearly 2000 miles to help plant and lead a Family-Integrated Church.: (Minnesota)

“Today's Conference Call, like every one that I have been on, was such a blessing. I am inspired to take some important and needed steps of leadership within our body. Thank you for hosting this and for your prayers. (California)

“It has been a great to benefit from guest HOFCC preachers - men willing to preach the Word of God. It has been a great blessing to us.” (Oregon)

“Thank you so much for everything. We feel so honored to be part of this fellowship. Really appreciating it a lot.” (Albania)

“To me, this vision seems vital and biblically motivated…and filled with the promise of His presence.” (Oregon)

“It is an honor to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors of this Fellowship of Churches.” (Georgia)

“I didn’t even know what I needed to know about planting a church, only that I HAD to go in this direction. HOFCC provided incredible support, and I have been indeed blessed!” (South Carolina)

“Our church has benefited from specific consultation with board members on matters of eldering, budgeting, dealing with members in need, as well as encouragement in matters related to being consistent with the vision of a Family-Integrated Church. (Oregon)

“Fellowship in a Family-Integrated Church reinforces in my children the things that we value. Having other families model similar lifestyles allows my children to walk with the wise and avoid foolishness.” (Washington)

“When I was in Portland with you, I knew that God was speaking to me about beginning the process of an FIC - probably in this community where we are now. I am more convinced than ever that the FIC is the way to go. I'm going to meet with a couple of other like-minded families and begin praying about this.” (Minnesota)


~Monthly Conference Call~

~September 5th - 7:00 AM Pacific Time~

Since May of 2008, one of the great blessings that Household of Faith has experienced is presenting the ministry of our monthly conference calls. From the first presentation we have experienced a continuous appreciation for the range of topics and the resourcefulness of information offered through these calls. And that is to say nothing of enjoying personal dialogue with many wonderful Christian leaders who have joined us from across the country.

For September, the topic is... Are you struggling in your ministry? You are not alone, nor are you abnormal. Through both personal experience and the testimony of the scriptures we know that Christianity and Christian ministry can be hard and even discouraging.

Brad and Robin McMurray have worked together in Christian ministry for over 30 years in a variety of churches and ministry efforts. While God is always good, the work of the ministry is often hard, confusing, disappointing and even frustrating. Brad and Robin will be joining us on Saturday, September 5th – 7 am Pacific Time. Note the new date for September due to travel schedules. We will have opportunity to interact with Brad and Robin and hear how their experience and the experience of Christian ministry through history is often a difficult struggle. But that doesn’t mean we should give up, or fear or grow weary. Rather, they want to help us see how we can live the normal struggling Christian life, filled with hope, steadfast in affliction, abounding in joy, even in the midst of our struggles.

We invite husbands and wives to join us for this interactive conference call, where we will hear encouragement from Brad and Robin and we’ll have a chance to share our struggles with each other, showing the normal struggling Christian life  is not only normal, but it can be glorious.

Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as we share some much needed encouragement with one another.

You can join the call by dialing: (218) 862-4122 / Enter Code: 60308# / Mute *6 (please remain on mute except when speaking).

To participate in this on-going dialogue on reforming the church and establishing a sustained legacy of faith in Christian families for generations to come, please sign up in the subscription box below or forward your email address to: info@hofcc.org. We do not share your personal information with any person or organization, and you may be removed from the list upon request.

Once on the list you will receive our monthly announcements with the contact information for participating in that month’s conference call.

Visit the Essential Reforms page for a listing of all the Reforms and accompanying Scriptures.

Please welcome others into our “circle of friends.” In fact, we hope you will recruit your entire leadership team of deacons and elders to join us for the call as we delight each month to add new members to this exciting ministry. And we are grateful for YOUR partnership! It has been a pleasure over the years to learn from you.

Second Saturday of Each Month
**Due to an extensive travel schedule, the dates for September and October will be September 5th and October 3rd**
Topic: HOFCC Monthly Conference Call
Time: 7:00 am, Pacific Time
Dial (218) 862-4122
Enter participation code 60308#
Mute your phone by pressing *6

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