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The Power of Vision Conference ~ How the Generationally Focused Church Can Help Change the World

In September, Gospel Legacy leaders from across the country gathered in Kansas City to share about the power of a godly, generationally focused vision at The Power of Vision conference. The conference was designed for leaders, pastors, church planters, parents, and young adults. The Scripture is clear - without a vision, the people suffer. So does the church, the family, and so will the future!

A clear, biblically based vision is part of what the modern Church needs today if we are to fulfill the Great Commission that our Savior has given to us. There are 15 messages and a Q & A session detailing:

• How to lead and shepherd generationally
• How to deal with the inevitable conflict of leading strong people
• How to live the vision both within and outside of the building's walls
• How to deal with disappointment

The audio versions are available here for download, and the videos are available on YouTube here.

Walking in Wisdom in a Foolish World
~ Hillsboro Household of Faith ~
~ Saturday, October 17th ~ 9am - 4:30pm ~

Walking in WisdomHow can Christians walk in wisdom & righteousness in a foolish & sinful world? It all begins with seeing things from an eternal perspective. Gather with us for a day of practical wisdom, information, inspiration, strategy & motivation. This is a FREE seminar. Address: Chinese Evangelical Church, 5529 NW Five Oaks Dr., Hillsboro, OR 97124
Topics will include:
• 9am What is Wisdom?
• 9:30am Walking In Wisdom
10:30am Wisdom in Earning Your Livelihood
• 11:15am Wisdom in Your Marriage
• 1pm Wisdom With Regard to Your Children
• 1:45pm Wisdom in Your Church Life
• 2:45pm Wisdom in Your Civic Duties
• 3:30pm Wisdom In the Use of Your Time
• 4:15pm Wisdom in Building a New Ark to Weather the Current Storms of Foolishness & Sin

Are you sensing a call to plant a Family-Integrated Church?

Are you wondering: “Who’s out there who believes what I believe?”

Do you often think: “Who knows how to do what I’m feeling like I need to do?”We at Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches are here to help you. With…

• Years of pastoral experience
• A history that includes many church plants
• Experience in gathering core groups, bi-vocational eldership, family discipleship, and Family-Integrated ministry
• A Church-planter’s Toolbox that offers an abundance of church-planting resources
• The willingness to prayerfully walk with you through the pioneering process …we believe we can help you along your path to fulfilling God’s call on your life.

The members of our Board of Directors are active elders in their local churches. Many have walked out the very callings that are pulling on your heart today. They can relate directly to the avalanche of details that often flood our minds when called to a new experience.

Our elders are available to advise and assist. And they will take the time to pray with you as you prepare to launch your church and to plant a vital expression of the Body of Christ in your local community.

If you would like more information on church planting please contact us.

Why Partner with the Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches?

1. Maintenance of Local Autonomy for Each Church
2. Church Information Posted on a National Website
3. Joining a Fraternity of FIC Pastors/Elders
4. Annual National Couples Retreat in Cannon Beach, OR
5. Pastoral Support & Mentoring Available
6. Church-planting Mentoring and Assistance
7. Admin Forms, Documents and Templates
8. Bylaws and Other Written Polity Guidelines Available
9. HOFFC Conference Call Ministry
10. Helping to Bring Unity and Focus within FIC Movement
11. Potential Board Membership for All HOFCC Elders
12. Increased Visibility, Influence and Opportunities for Each Local Church
13. Partnership in Sending the Gospel and FIC Message around the World

What They Are Saying:

“I didn’t even know what I needed to know about planting a church, only that I HAD to go in this direction. HOFCC provided incredible support, and I have been indeed blessed!” (South Carolina)

“Our church has benefited from specific consultation with board members on matters of eldering, budgeting, dealing with members in need, as well as encouragement in matters related to being consistent with the vision of a Family-Integrated Church. (Oregon)

“Fellowship in a Family-Integrated Church reinforces in my children the things that we value. Having other families model similar lifestyles allows my children to walk with the wise and avoid foolishness.” (Washington)

“When I was in Portland with you, I knew that God was speaking to me about beginning the process of an FIC - probably in this community where we are now. I am more convinced than ever that the FIC is the way to go. I'm going to meet with a couple of other like-minded families and begin praying about this.” (Minnesota)


HOFCC Elders and Deacons Couples Retreats…

Open to all HOFCC Elders and Deacons and their wives, our annual Couples Retreats are always the highlight of the year for so many. Filled with worship, prayer, exhortation, food, fun and fellowship – be sure to take advantage of one of our leadership retreats this year on either the East or West Coast:

Cannon Beach The Cannon Beach Retreat will be hosted in Cannon Beach, OR, on Thursday, October 8th to Saturday, October 10th. Our Sunday Celebration will follow on Sunday the 11th in Portland.

Poised on adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, this conference center has hosted our Couples Retreat for past 8 years. It is a lovely setting and been a perfect place for our ministry couples to find rest and rejuvenation.

The East Coast retreat will be on Thursday, October 22nd to Saturday, October 24th. This will be our Ridgecrestfirst year at the Ridgecrest, NC, location and we are so excited to be partnering in 2015 with this lovely Christian retreat center deep in the forest of North Carolina.

The schedules for both events will be the same:

- Check-in Thursday – 6:00 pm.
- Check-out Saturday – noon.
- Start Time - Worship at 7:00 pm on Thursday evening.

We are looking forward to having all of our leadership couples together again for another weekend of encouragement and refreshment.

~Monthly Conference Call~

~2nd Saturday of Each Month ~ 7:00 AM Pacific Time~
~Dial (218) 862-4122 ~ Enter participation code: 60308~

Since May of 2008, one of the great blessings that Household of Faith has experienced is presenting the ministry of our Monthly Conference Calls. From the first presentation we have experienced a continuous appreciation for the range of topics and the resourcefulness of information offered through these calls. And that is to say nothing of enjoying personal dialogue with many wonderful Christian leaders who have joined us from across the country.

We all know that America and the evangelical movement are experiencing many alarming trends. There is crisis in the church, crisis in marriage, crisis in parenting, crisis in discipling the next generation of the church. And it seems that in spite of a growing number of programs offered by the local church - and a booming emphasis on youth ministry – the church continues in its apparent decline. There is need for reform – and quickly!

Is it possible that God is not blessing what we have grown to consider as the “traditional church” model? Is it possible that there are more effective, and more biblical, ways that the church and home could relate to one another? Is it possible that staff-led programs are not God’s primary means of discipleship? Is it best to divide the family at the door? Could it be that the best youth minister in the world is . . . Dad?

These may be new questions to you. Or, you may have been on the same page with Household of Faith for many years. Either way, we invite you to join us. You will find a new subject each month as Household of Faith elders and other Christian leaders from around the U.S. present dynamic and effective biblical concepts for us to consider. And each presentation offers an opportunity for feedback and discussion with the speaker.

Some examples of topics and speakers we have enjoyed are:

Expository Preaching - Shawn Magoon - HOFCC Elder
Planting a Household of Faith Church - Daryl Harper - HOFCC Elder
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God - Gregg Harris - Pastor / Author / Conference Speaker
Courage to Flee (Sexual Temptation) - Dr. Jeff Klick – Pastor / Author
Education Reformation / Hazards of Public School - Ray Fournier – Author / Public School Teacher
Watchmen in Church & Home (Worldview) - Ron Strom - HOFCC Elder
Unity in a Family Integrated Church - J Mark Fox - Pastor / Author
Three Ways the Gospels Help Us as Elders - Eric Wallace – Author / Pres. Uniting Church & Home
Charismatic in Ministry - Steve Edwards - HOFCC Elder
Gender Issues in Church and Home - Dr. Randy Stinson – Provost Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Parenting for Purity /Faithful for a Lifetime - Tom Houck – Author
The Ten Commandments of Marriage - Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod Michel – Pastor/Author
The Gospel that Transforms Hearts - Eric Wallace – Author/Pres. Uniting Church & Home
The Praying Pastor - Eric Burd - HOFCC Elder
Faithfulness in Bi-vocational Ministry - Jarrod Michel – Pastor/Author
Battling the Pop Culture at Home - Eric Burd - HOFCC Elder

To participate in this on-going dialogue on reforming the church and establishing a sustained legacy of faith in Christian families for generations to come, please sign up in the subscription box below or forward your email address to: info@hofcc.org. Once on the list you will receive our monthly announcements with the contact information for participating in that month’s conference call, and other occasional announcements of Fellowship ministries and events.

We do not share your personal information with any person or organization; and you may be removed from the list upon request.

Visit the Essential Reforms page for a listing of all the Reforms and accompanying Scriptures.

Please welcome others into our “circle of friends.” In fact, we hope you will recruit your entire leadership team of deacons and elders to join us for the call as we delight each month to add new members to this exciting ministry. And we are grateful for YOUR partnership! It has been a pleasure over the years to learn from you.

Second Saturday of Each Month
Topic: HOFCC Monthly Conference Call
Time: 7:00 am, Pacific Time
Dial (218) 862-4122
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